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Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:25 am
continued oil diagnosis        

ex0r wrote:
Image is too large to upload and not near a computer right now. I will try to explain.

Behind the front lower cowl is a black mounting bar that the cowl screws into. There is some in this. The majority of it though is on the front of the engine, up near the top. Not quite up as high as the radiator, so mostly near the middle of the engine in the front.

So, in reviewing this, it looks like the bike is burning or losing oil, and I can't find where. It looks like possibly the upper seals somewhere. I just put some motorcycle oil in it a couple of weekends ago, and it hasn't been ridden very much since, and when I got on it this weekend to ride it, the Oil light was coming on again when I attempt to stop from first gear. After I parked it and let it sit, the sight glass appears to be empty, and when I put it in it was up to nearly full. I should also note, that when the light comes on, if I blip the throttle lightly and it revs above idle, the light goes off until I ride and stop again.

I've noticed after riding, the manifolds are smoking as if oil has been dripping out or flinging out onto them during riding, and believe that the substance all over the front engine mount (the two curved bars that attach to the frame), and the substance on the motor facing side of the front lower cowl may be oil.

Since it's getting close to the end of riding season where I am, I want to strip the bike down and possibly fix the oil leak, but instead of tearing the whole motor down, I'd like to tear down to wherever the oil is burning/leaking from and fix it.

What do you guys suggest I do? There aren't any performance issues, and the bike runs smooth, and aside from the oil light coming on when I shift down to first and come to a stop, there are no other mechanical issues wrong with it.

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