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Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:15 am
Rekeying the Ninja is ridiculously easy        

Rekeying the accessory locks is ridiculously easy on the Ninja, I'd rather do that than deal with a dual key. Plus, I cut my own "code" keys, so if I do replace the ignition switch I'll cut a new key for it too. It's probably going to be a couple of weeks before I start working the problem, mainly due to scheduling. I did check that the battery terminals were nice and tight, it's a recently installed lithium battery. I didn't think to check the main fuse with the meter, I was kinda of frustrated at that moment in time, and I've run across cracked fuses before. On those fuses, once I knew to look for a crack I could see it. I'll report back with my findings, I need to get it back on the road because my truck only gets me 18mpg.

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