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Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:58 pm
I'm a Newb, 1998 Ninja 250 with a 2008 engine Questions??        

I'm a total newb and I searched the forum for rebuilt engine posts and there was nothing that matched my questions.

I bought a very clean 1998 ninja 250 with a rebuilt engine. The engine is a 2008 kawasaki 250 engine with 19K miles on it. The engine was rebuilt because the old one sat too long. I bought it 5 days after it left the service shop.

The engine at idle when I start it sounds really good and when you rev it, it sounds good too. But when it revs down or when you let off the throttle it has a weird like rumbling noise. Its not pings, pongs, clicking, squeaking, the best way I can explain is like it has asthma and under pressure, like its trying to exhale. Is that normal idk?? Its like a really bad depressing asthma with really bad bronchitis sigh...???

When I let off the throttle and when I turn the throttle it jumps. I have to slowly literally millimeters pull the throttle to not let it jump. This is probably just lube the throttle cables?

The 250 would warm up at around 15-20 minutes at 45F o 8C. I would then take it off the choke and it wouldn't stay on. It cranks right up with choke all the way when cold but after it warms up I take the choke off it idles slowly down and then shuts off.

When I contacted the person it was last serviced, the person who rebuilt it, he said all it needs is the petcock replaced because its old and thats whats clogging up the fuel line.

Why I haven't visited a mechanic is because I'm short on time and most of the shops open late and close early?_?

My questions are(if there are other threads that help answering please post them):

What can I do or what did the mechanic forget to do for a bike that has been sitting so long that had its engine rebuilt forgotten to do?

What tools do I need to be able to service my own bike?
-clean carbs
-clean petcock
-clean pilot jets

What would you do in this situation(aside from ride the bike off the nearest cliff or lake)?
What are some checks you would do?

Yes I'm a total newb, but I did the most basic stuff when I went to buy it. Made sure everything mechanically was good, oil was right color/level, no rattling, made sure frame was good(wasn't wrecked), gas tank was nice and clear not milky,?

Aside from all of this I can ride the bike just fine, I just haven't took it past 50mph...

Any criticism is appreciated as long as you have some helpful advice.

Edit: I can't get the bike to a mechanic because I'm at work most of the week everyday -_-

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