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Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:13 pm
Bike suddenly doesn't want to idle        

I pulled into my driveway today, put the bike in neutral, and let it idle for a moment. While it was idling the revs slowly dropped and the bike died. I restarted a few time and had the same behavior. I screwed in the idle adjust ment screw a bit and it helped a bit but the bike still wanted to die.

Adding throttle helped and the revs were very slow coming down. I went for a ride up/down the street and the bike appears to have normal power. The revs hang up when coming off the trottle which is strange. The bike has been running great this past week so this is rather curious.

Recent possible contributing factors:

- Took a long ride over the weekend (150mi both ways, some of it highway riding at >9krmp
- Hit a pot hole on the way home (gravel driveway, slow speed) that kind of jarred the bike a bit.
- Bike made a bit of a "clicking" noise from the right side of the engine when idling over the weekend. Sounded like the starter was running (not that it was, that was just the sound) intermittently. I turned the idle knob up a bit sound went away (and hasn't returned).

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