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Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:25 am
spring booster for rear shock coil        

Hi All,

As many of us find, the stock rear shock is too soft for our fat asses. Plus it is not adjustable, say to accommodate the occasional passenger. So I was thinking of a way to somehow "remove" a coil or so from the spring so that it would be stiffer (less active coils = stiffer spring). It turns out there are solutions to this, and cheap too, called spring boosters. These thingies go between 2 active coils, locking them apart so they can't compress. Here is one I bought at the local auto parts store:

and here are some installed on an old Mercedes so you can see how they go:

So I gave it a try, screwing one between 2 coils at the bottom rear of the shock. The spacer has a 3/8" drive hole to help screw it in. Then I went on a 30 mile ride through the hills. Well, the shock sure is stiffer! It got rid of the "kick" the rear end was giving me on the bigger bumps, I think because I was bottoming out. It still feels too lively back there, which I'm assuming is a dearth of damping. With gear and a bag I'm sitting 200# on the bike and now the spring feels like it is at least in the ballpark of stiffness.

So the plan now is to move the booster around to the front of the coil and screw a second booster on the back of the coil when I carry a passenger for any length of time. The back side, facing the tire, seems easiest to access.

I'm not saying a $2.50 nugget of metal stuck in the spring is a good idea in general, and I do plan to get a better shock, but for a quick fix I am temporarily happy!


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