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Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:48 am
two boosters, installed in pairs        

So it seems dumb to put just one booster as that will skew the spring to one side as it compresses. So I put 2 boosters, balanced on opposite sides of a coil just above the swingarm. I had to remove the rear wheel to get access, but one could install them at the bottom of the shock too.

Now the rear definitely doesn't compress as much, but I feel that installing boosters not only increased the spring rate but also the effective preload of the rear shock. I'm not sure I like the increase in preload as now I'm riding at the top of shock travel. But I am liking it better than stock.

There is another type of add-on hack for springs, which are lowering clamps. These compress two coils together and should lower the rear end, increase the effective spring rate AND lower preload. I wonder how they would work for those who want to lower their bikes. It would be way cheaper than modifying dogbones or whatever.

Another ride, another smiling day today, despite the election results.


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