Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:11 pm
Re: Main fuse blows immediately        

You have a later bike, IIRC, so it's not that stupid F1-F9 horn wiring bug.

Main fuse going before the other fuses suggests a short somewhere in the harness, quite likely between the junction box and the ignition switch.

Pull of the tank and have a look for damaged insulation where the harness goes around the tank locating bumps, and through the loop that guides the wires near the front fairing. Especially check the wires going to the ignition switch.

If you don't spot the problem immediately, your next task is to divide and conquer. Pull all the fuses, and see if the main fuse still blows (I bet it does). If it does, you now have the problem narrowed down to between the ignition switch and the junction box.

Pull all of the connectors out of the wiring harness -- L/R handle bar pods, CDI, etc. Hopefully now, the fuses is no longer blowing. Plug that stuff in one piece at a time. As soon as the fuse blows.....you know what sub-assembly to check out.


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