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Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:43 pm
Problem with sitting..        

You need to know that the float bowls are vented to atmosphere, so sitting for long periods of time allows fuel to evaporate from the bowls. The fuel will only FLOW through the petcock, or AFV ( automatic fuel valve), to fill the bowls while vacuum is being created by the running engine. Otherwise, cranking won't provide enough fuel TRICKLE to fill the bowls before the battery is depleted. Now, the 50A charge cranking has heated a wire, or some wires, enough to short them either together, or to ground, creating a problem that did not exist before.

To prevent this from happening after long periods of sitting, remove the vacuum source hose from the AFV ( it's the small diameter hose-see the link), and attach a hose that fits in it's place, and is long enough (6" is plenty) to reach and suck on it for 20-30 seconds. This provides the vacuum the AFV needs to allow an unrestricted flow of fuel. The longer it sat, the more fuel it needs to fill the bowls. Some owners believe a vacuum pump is needed for this, but not so. Besides, the hose is easier to carry in the event of an unplanned, poorly executed get-off. As the bike lays on its side the fuel spills on the ground through the vent hose. Many a ride-capable bike has been hauled home because it wouldn't start after laying on it's side. Having this manual vacuum hose onboard, and the knowledge to use it, redeems the rider for the unplanned get-off, or extended idle time.

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