Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:54 pm
Re: The Service Manual        

I use an abbreviated(?) version of this procedure. I remove the screws underneath the battery and under the fender (above the tire)....I think that's it. That allows me to slide box the airbox back about an inch. I also put the carbs as forward on the engine side as I possibly can before finagaling those effings boots onto the airbox side.

Similar to MarkB, I preheat the boots, but I just boil 'em in water for a minute. I have been meaning to order new ones. I hear they are softer.

Now I'm remembering that Ian used to have a trick......something about removing the rubber bits on the airbox end, maybe? I don't remember. Search the forum, the post detailing the trick would have been in 2005 or so.


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