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Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:08 am
Ninja shock        

As is well known, the Ninja suspension is severely lacking for a rider who likes to ride, and knows how to. There are a few solutions, cheap and expensive. First, the choice I made was to install Ninja 500 fork springs and shock, the shock having adjustable preload. I got these used from eBbay.

Next, I added a few millimeters of fork oil to each fork leg, this netted a surprising decrease in fork dive when braking. My memory for details is cloudy now, but I got this info here. I weigh 160 - 170 lbs.( summer time and holiday season consecutively) so these inexpensive small-step upgrades made a satisfactory improvement for me.

So, did the spring boosters you added to your shock decrease the total amount of rear suspension travel?

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