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Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:38 am
RE: boosters and travel        

SRH wrote:

So, did the spring boosters you added to your shock decrease the total amount of rear suspension travel?

I think the range of travel is the same but I ride higher up in the range of travel. Instead of bottoming out ("Ow, my butt!") on medium and big bumps, it now only bottoms on the biggest bumps. The damping feels the same also, which would be "too little" for my tastes. It isn't crashing through bumps anymore but it's still lively. I'll probably wait to upgrade since I'm not riding hard. As I understand it, an EX500 shock would not be optimal since I weigh a bit more than you and want the option of taking my wife for a ride. I fear we'd squish an EX500 shock.

I just got springs this week for the front, Race-Techs for my weight 0.75kg/mm. That should be an easy swap as the oil hasn't seen much wear, just a couple bolts, clips and swap. I'll see how that improves things, although despite seeing that I'm bottoming out there too, I didn't feel the front was all that bad.

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