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Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:53 am
December update        

Yes when the shock is removed, it is installed now and functions properly.

I have the bike running but have a sticking idle, jumps to 3k and doesn't want to settle back to 1.5k. For the third time I took carb off and cleaned, found dirty idle pilots and one with missing steel washer and torn rubber gasket. Replaced all them, reinspected and measured everything. I didn't like the #4 washers for home made jet kit, they are slightly larger than diaphragm spring which I think was also causing some slide sticking. I went with #3 which fit perfect inside ID of spring. Anyone know why #4 were recommended? I measured washer OD and thickness but didn't like how they fit.

Anyhow I reduced the thickness for the bike running rich, I am hoping the washer reduction (took 1 out) and new pilots the carb issues will be resolved.

For other updates, I removed the rear suspension, cleaned, inspected and lubed. Starting to put back together, then onto new front springs...

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