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Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:56 pm
Starter grinding issue        

My 2007 with 5,600 miles runs perfect and has no issues aside from when I hit the starter button the starter will turn over consistently, it's not slipping or spinning but it randomly grinds every few revolutions.. Sounds like a gear catching or something. Once it starts it purrs, no cam chain slap or inappropriate valve tap. But if it's cold and I don't choke it so I can hear the starter turn over for about 10sec it is a very obvious and not a healthy noise. I've owned several 250 ninjas and never hear this. It has a new shorai lithium ion battery, and it's not a low voltage issue.

Anyone have this or heard of it? I'm guessing maybe the starter gear or flywheel is missing a few teeth and causing it to "catch" If it is that...what could have caused that?

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