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Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:35 pm
RE: starter grinding issue        

Sure, there could be some teeth missing. Maybe take a look that the starter is bolted in tight, but as long as it starts I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe it won't get worse or you'll get rid of the bike before it fails. As I understand the worst case progression, a gap in spinning teeth causes mis-alignment with the next tooth, which eventually breaks off more teeth until there aren't enough teeth engaged to turn the flywheel. Then it won't start and you'll have to bump-start the bike until you get a new starter, or worse, a new flywheel too. But the rest of the bike might not last so long.

What caused it? Well, I had a car that served as a "learner" for a family member, and the starter teeth got trashed from too many attempts at starting an already running engine. While zooming down the freeway. On a bike it is common to thumb the starter at idle when trying to get a light to trip, but it doesn't seem like that causes too much damage. Maybe somebody accidentally hit the starter at speed? Maybe.

Practice bump-starts, just in case. They look cool, like with a race bike!


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