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Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:33 am
250 Engine removal        

Hey there,

Over the winter, I pulled all my plastics off to get them repaired and repainted, so I have access to my chassis. I noticed that there is excessive oil all over the front framing and engine, and am looking to investigate an oil leak. Since I plan to take the top-end off mostly anyways and re do the gaskets and seals, as well as adjust the valves if they need it, I was thinking of removing the engine from the bike. Last time I did the valves, I remember it being somewhat difficult to get the valve cover off and do the adjustments with the engine on the bike still, and since I am doing more top-end work as well, I thought it would be easier to remove the motor.

It this a long and difficult task to remove it, and is it worth it to gain the extra room to work?

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