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Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:18 am
Aftermarket Tachometer        

First time poster, long time lurker guys.

Anyway. Neck deep in a streetfighter build, and i've bought an ebay dashboard (tach, speedo, oil, clock, indicator lights blah blah).
Ive wired it all up, and everything works fine, except for the tach. It runs through its little self check/sweep and the start, but no signal whatsoever.
Ive tried every possible way of wiring it that i can think of. Direct to the existing tach signal, to the left coil positive, to the left coil negative, ive chucked both a 10k resistor and a 100k resistor inline between the existing signal the the tach's input wire, ive wrapped the wire around the fat cable going to the spark plug, nothing registers a signal. Theres nothing wrong with the existing harness on the bike either, a multimeter registers a nice healthy signal coming the through the black tach wire, and i can feel the buzzing with my hand.

Is there any other way of wiring i should try? Or is it safe to assume i have a dead tachometer.


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