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Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:20 pm
25 JANUARY 2017 UPDATE...        

KDW wrote:
You still have fuel in your oil (or at least that's what you've described). If you haven't fixed that problem you're not going to make any progress.

So!!! took me FIVE MONTHS but I finally drained the oil (it DOES smell like gas) and turned the crankshaft counter-clockwise as instructed (it TURNED) was hard and a little tight but it did turn about three times after applying a little elbow grease!!!

So I am assuming that this means my engine is NOT SIEZED (thank the Ninja250 gods)...Now, I am going to refill the oil, install the battery (FULLY CHARGED-it's been on a tender the last two weeks) and see if I can get it started...

Is it okay to do that since I've done and checked everything else posted?

OH! Wait...someone said something about spark plugs and the I still need to check those also?

I guess I should mention that I had had a minor accident in which I laid down the bike on its left side (I say this because I am again assuming that that is how gas got mixed into the oil) I still need to check the spark plugs and carbs before attempting to start it???

After a 1 year and a half of no motorcycle, I am a little anxious to get it started and ride again...

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