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Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:41 pm
Wobble and Sound from air pod and Valve adjustment        

Is there any steering dampener options for the ex250?
I've changed the front wheel and I still have a wobble at around 100
Like straight speed wobble. I just let off the throttle and it fixes its self.
Is there a solution for this or is it just because the bike it light?

Also: I have done the Air Pods mod to my bike, sounds great, performs great because I did the jetting.
But now, I feel like the airpos is too loud and since I want to get a new exhaust I was wondering if there a way to muffle it.
-Also, when doing the valve adjustment for the airpods, what is the size I should set it at? because it said everywhere I need to do a VA but nowhere did it say to what spec so I just did stock adjustment and it was okay.

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