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Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:49 pm
Just a quick observation...        

When I was doing the test...
I checked the fuse... it's old but not blown...
... but I also noticed that the battery terminal is pretty corroded...with that powdery white acidic residue...

I grew up with a Ford Fairmont...that consistantly had to be FixedOrRepairedDaily and more often than not, this was always an issue!...I am going to assume that it could be just as problematic for bikes also.

Will clean and check for short in the morning!

Thanks again for your quick responses and suggestions.

KDW wrote:
you don't have a short between the starter motor and the relay.

Based on the sound you're hearing the relay is activating. What needs to be ruled out are:

1. a short in the battery cable leading to the relay. perform the same check form the battery lead to the relay. (wiggle it around a bit and ensure it's not an intermittent fault
2. ensure the main fuse is good (it's the 30A fuse under the red cap on the relay). or just replace it.

the battery charger should go amber anytime a battery is connected. it should take a little bit for the circuit to determine if the the battery is filled. it needs to go though several cycles.

After you've checked the above try connecting the battery directly to the starter motor. If it turns over, replace the relay. if it doesn't replace the motor.

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