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Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:30 am

I do actually have an update to this old post. I have made a whole new airbox, and will be tuning once the thing is back together. Ran into the common intake valve problem that plagues these machines, and it's a slow process rebuilding when you have no monies. I will most definitely upload some pics of the finished product quite soon. In fact, I think I'm going to make a whole new post just to chronicle my mods, so others have some ideas for unconventional things they can do.

Back to the intake, I made a actual airbox, that bolts to the frame so as to minimize movement, uses the factory box to carb boots (and yes its sealed), and uses 2 pod filters. The box is sized in such a way as to mimic the factory box and the turbulence, while providing a bit more flow. The next step is to put a filter on the case vent, and put a dust shield under the filters to prevent things from being kicked up into them.

The box was actually very easy to create, all it is is some 14g? steel welded into a rectangle 2in deep with cutouts for the carb boots, and exhaust pipe inlets for the filters. Again, I will make a new post shortly with all the pics of my mods and current progress.

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