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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:07 pm
Float level measured visually?        

I believe my fuel level is too high and causing a rich condition. The replacement float needles in it are slightly different than the stock ones so I think they're making the traditional measuring (bottom of float to mating surface of carb) inaccurate. So I am measuring the float height via the method pictured in this link http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/motoforge/2010-08-01_013312_Float_level_adjustment.jpg

I've measured them this way and the fuel level is right at about where it looks in that diagram. It is just above the float bowl mating surface. As the diagram states, on some bikes that is going to be too high. I can't find any information on if that's the case for the Ninja 250.

I suspect it is to high. My symptoms are: almost impossible to start, especially if any choke is used. Once it does start, it doesn't have to warm up at all. It does run very well but it will foul plugs so fast that after a ride, a few hours later it won't start again. Valves are all in spec (my first suspicion), carbs have been fully disassembled and vapor blasted to better than new finish. It has the single unit K&N filter with 1 shim on each needle and 110 mains which has worked wonderfully on about 4 ninja 250's for me in the past. I really think it's the fuel level. I'm going to lower the level to just below the float bowl mating surface and see if it changes anything. If anyone has a measurement recommendation I'd love to hear it!

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