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Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:17 pm
Valve adjust and wobble        

When adjusting the valves, it's best to set them at the loose end of spec, no matter what intake or exhaust you're running. They get tight over time, so looser = longer interval between servicing.

WRT to wobble, the two things that primarily cause it are an unbalanced wheel and the front end "getting light". Balance is easy to do. The front getting light is more problematic, because you can only scoot so far forward in the seat. I'm a heavy guy, and I tried to add a rear rack and top box to my 07. The result was massive head shake at anything over 15 MPH because there was too much weight on the rear of the bike causing the front to become unweighted. No rack for me, boohoo. YMMV.

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