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Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:38 pm
Samo Samo        

jiggerjaw wrote:
Okay, so I'm swapping a 2008 (next gen) engine into a 2007 frame. Everything's pretty much a direct swap... I had to grind a bit away to get it to fit but it's all hooked up now.

The only real hiccup is the wiring harness... There are 3 connections on both the old and new engine that are in the same wire clip. On the old one it's 3 in a row and on the new one it's 3 prongs like an outlet (or maybe it's vice versa...).

The old engine is blown so I can splice the old harness onto the new wires, I just don't know which wire is which since they're all the same color. Anyone know what these are or have any tips on figuring out where they go?

If it is the three wires that come from the engine and are same color it is most likely from the charging circuit, and as that puts out three phase AC that gets turned to DC by the rectifier then it don't matter the order you connect them.


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