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Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:52 am
Valves getting tight        

Just for general info. In my opinion almost ALL Kawasaki 4 stroke models of the 86-89 year range had bad valves. The hard face on the valves from the vendor was too thin. This led to valves receding into the seats. I've seen valves pulled completely through the seats on a 86 Ninja 1000. Kawasaki knew about the problem but it would have led to a HUGE recall so they kept it quiet. I have had them pay for new valves but they never outright admitted to the flaw. I've seen it on 86-88 Ninja 250, 85-89 Ninja 600, 86 Ninja 1000, and some KLRs. So if you grind the valves it makes things worse. The seats are usually not the problem. Replacing the valves with later ones and regrinding the seats fixes things.


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