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Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:30 pm
Bought a 2006 Ninja 250, can't find neutral        

I'm a new rider and just got a used 2006 Ninja, it has almost 20k miles on it but seems like it has been well maintained.

I can't get the bike in neutral no matter what I do. I've seen it in neutral before, and the light DOES work (although sometimes I feel the bike is in neutral since I can release the clutch and it doesn't stall out, but the light isn't on). I've heard the solution of walking the bike back and forth and trying to get it into neutral and it worked once for me, but I think it was just dumb luck. I've tried switching into neutral from first while rolling to a stop, no luck.

I've read online that this may be the clutch cable or that I might need an oil change. Not sure if this is correct or if there could be a more serious issue. The bike seems to shift between 1st and 2nd pretty smoothly, but I do have to release the clutch quite a bit to find the friction zone from 1st gear - not sure if this is a sign of anything. I've tried doing gentle half-shifts but no luck. When the bike is on, but not started, I can down shift until it won't let me anymore, and then upshift 3-4 more times before it'll stop me. Don't think this is normal.


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