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Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:57 pm
Big Bend Trip        

I just got back from a vacation to the Big Bend area of Texas. The trip was about 1,440 miles in 4 days. I saw my odometer read 33,333.3 but didn't take a picture because I was having too much fun riding. My '07 ninja ran great the whole trip but I noticed some loss of power up in the higher elevations, over a mile high in the Chisos Mountains and the Davis Mountains. I averaged about 64 mpg which is lower than when I'm home, but I was fighting strong winds everywhere I went.
The scenery is amazing there and it doesn't look like what everybody thinks Texas looks like. There are stretches of road where you can look in all directions and not see a single man made structure as far as the eye can see. I recommend seeing this area at least in your lifetime, and see it as soon as possible before they build a pipeline through it. It is going to cross 3 of the main highways in the area and spoil the pristine nature of the place. The truck traffic to build it will beat the roads to hell and they won't be as good as they are now.

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