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Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:04 pm
Just crashed -- Car ran a Red light, almost hit me.        

I'm okay and it could have been a lot worse.

I was on my motorcycle, coming off the off-ramp to make a left turn, came to a stop, and waited for the light to go green.
Light goes green, I begin to accelerate and lean into my turn, and I check (I had a premonition, Thank God) to see just in time, the oblivious asshole who ran the red light and ALMOST plowed into me.

I had enough time to brake, which resulted into me dropping the bike and sliding for a few feet. he looked back, then gunned it and took off. I was in shock and missed my opportunity to get a license number.

Bike wouldn't start back up for a bit but I got it back up and pushed it to the side of the road. After a few minutes it started back up, (not sure if there's anything wrong with it engine wise) and I was able to drive the last mile home. Called police and they told me to file a report online. Called insurance and opened a claim. Bike damage is relatively minor, cracked front fairing on the left side, dented exhaust, scraped center stand, kick stand, gearshift, clitch, handlebar, mirror arm, and front axle/nut.
Me-damage is minor to my knowledge, but I'm also still adrenaline filled, so we'll see when that wears off. knee aching a bit, hip bruised, boot scraped mildly, pants intact, very mildly abraded, lower back aching mildly. Otherwise just a bit shaky.
A second late (or if I'd been in a car; no way to stop that quickly) and I'd have been crunched or t-boned.

Will post pics later.

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