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 Subject: IBR: more about Leon

By Bob Higdon http://www.ironbutt.com/ibr/2003/day11.htm

When Lisa called out the name of the 12th-place rider, the whole room stood for the second time. The plaque went to Leon Begeman on the 250cc Ninja, who rode 11,186 miles in 11 days. It is the kind of effort that will live in the annals of endurance riding forever. I have rarely seen anything to compare to it. Confident to the end, Leon told me, "Now that I've seen what kind of rally Kneebone puts on, I can build a bike to beat it." I've known The Animal for more than ten years and I've learned this: Don't bet him anything you can't afford to lose.
Jim Race
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 Subject: More amusing stuff...

I like this part:

"The last rider to show up before 10:00 a.m. was Begeman. He was a mere 16 minutes from being time-barred, and for his lateness took a penalty of 1,040 points. Had he had a breakdown, an accident, or a time delay to help someone else? Nah. "I thought the penalties started at 10:00," he said. Sometimes I wonder how these guys can even get out of bed in the morning, and The Animal may be the smartest one in the rally. If he can't read, what hope is there for the others? I sighed, not for the first time."


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 Subject: and BTW, the penalty didn't cost any positions :-) (n/t)

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