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 Subject: Review: Acewell 2703

Quick review of the Acewell 2703 Motorcycle computer.

Purchase: My purchase went fairly smooth. I called their 800 number to ask about mounting, etc. They assured me 'plug and play, universal mount' etc. Awesome. I ordered it, and received it a few days after.
It cost me 129.00 after shipping.
I asked for a receipt in my email, they said ok. I never got one.

It arrives like so:

The goods

Speedo. Rawr.


In the first image, from the Speedo clockwise we have:
Box (OOOOH!)
Mounting hardware
Adaptor for power plugins
RPM sensor (Yellow wire)
Speed sensor (big black wire)

So lets get this baby mounted! On to picture 3, we have the.. oh wait... hmmm..

The "Instructions"
The so called instructions, pardon my french, suck ass. That's putting it bluntly.

1. The mounting diagram for the computer shows a totally different mount than the one that comes with it.
2. The instructions for mounting the speed sensor make no sense. Something about installing it parallel to the vibration direction creating optimal anti-vibration effect. That's about all the help they give you.
3. RPM Sensor says to wrap that yellow wire around the ignition coil. Simple enough. (If RPM is not stable you must sometimes add the attached IMOhm resistor in the wire of the rpm input) I have no idea what that is, and I didn't get no 'IMOhm resistor' in my package.

The instructions for OPERATING the computer are clear.

The speedo DOES NOT mount to the Ninja 250. Contrary to the lies and propoganda fed to me by their techs before my purchase, it does not fit. For the first couple days I had it held on with twist ties, and due to the angle it 'layed' at, I couldn't really read it without grabbing it and pointing it towards me.

My solution:

The bolts for the handlebars are too thick to go through the mount on the speedo.
I purchased a really long bolt to fit through the speedo's mount, and an extra nut to go on the other end. Take out the stock bolt, replace, and tighten till you can't tighten anymore.
It probably would have been better to drill out the speedos hole, and purchase a longer bolt of the original diameter, but I don't have a drill. I might do it eventually. Handle bars are stable.
Speedo is mounted, however I still can't see it at night. I need to bend to mount a tad so that it points up more, directly at me. What a pain.

Ok, so I got that nightmare over with.
Speed sensor:

The speed sensor does NOT mount, period. It comes with some screws and crap, but it's a total joke, do they expect me to drill a hole in my forks? I ended up putting some epoxy on it and holding it in place for 1/2 an hour. It's an ugly as sin job, but it's in place. For now. Note that it's lopsided because the cable is too thick and stiff so it pulls on the top.

That bolt on the wheel is the magnet that the sensor picks up. YOU HAVE TO BUY ADDITIONAL HARDWARE TO MOUNT THIS. I attempted to use the supplied mounting bits. Bolt through wheel, nut on bolt. The nut is small enough that it can go through the hole in the wheel! Well that's no good, won't hold nuthin! Let's throw a washer on there. It was a tight fit, and a 'tad' lopsided but it worked. The washers are just big enough the the side hits the bar on the inside of the wheel, resulting in a lopsided bolt. But hey! it's mounted!
After driving around all day, my speedo suddenly stopped working. I got home, and as I was pulling up into my driveway my front wheel almost locked. CRUNCH!

The bolt had come loose due to the washer sitting lopsided. 1mm more play would have caused the bolt to get caught in the brake mount, rather than grind against it. YAY! I went to home depot and purchased some locking washers:

They have a slightly smaller diameter and so they can sit flat against the wheel. I believe I purchased 5/16 lockwashers, something like that. You should be able to tell though as they're just a tad smaller diameter than the normal ones.
I stuck that on there, tightened it up REAL good. That puppy isn't going anywhere for a long time. And just to make sure I added some soft rubbery epoxy to the threads on the outside of the bolt, so the vibration doesn't make it come loose.

RPM Sensor:
Took me awhile to figure out where the ignition coil is. I put the RPM sensor on it. It jumps wildly at idle, and either reads the idle as 1000-1400, or around 8000-9000. Start up the bike, get a reading around 1k. Turn it off, turn it on, get a reading of idle at 8k. What a piece of shit. I took it off, as it jumped so much revving the engine you couldn't even tell where you were at. Would be nice to know what that IMOhm resistor is about now. I'll be calling them to find out.


A nightmare. The idiot lights plug right in. However the right turn signal idiot light stays on when I ride, the left turn signal causes the brights idiot light to flash on and off, and the right turn signal causes the left turn signal idiot light to flash. The only light that really works is the Nuetral light, thank goodness for that. The hazard idiot light flashed really fast and then burned out first time I turned the bike on. Plug and Play my ---...
The wires for power, clock power, and ground don't match either. The plug on the bike is female, as well as on the speedo. I messed with some connectors, got a crappy connection going, and found out the wires aren't in the right places. Took me 1/2 an hour of plugging and plugging in wires to get it right (btw, clock power doesn't work. Just power and ground)

I'm going to have to buy the service manual, or maybe even pay the dealer to sort out all those idiot lights. I need to buy new connectors for sure.

This is a cool speedometer. Is it worth the trouble? For me, who has never even done a project like this before and knows nothing, absolutely not. This was one pain in the butt after another. And I still don't have it done. But I've already got it on there, can't go back now.

If you enjoy or are somewhat capable at working on these things, it would probably be pretty 'quick' and 'easy'.
If you want to get one thinking 'I can figure it out'.. Don't.

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 Subject: Officer... I don't know how fast I was going... my computer froze...

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 Subject: Re: Officer... I don't know how fast I was going... my computer froze...

Hahah, so true. With my initial calibration of my speedo (wheel circumference) It felt like I was going a lot faster than I was. I found a cop in the middle of the night, and had him clock me as I adjusted it until it was right. First reading said 30, I was going 45. It was because I followed the directions for the Sigma, where you have to convert the number if you want it to be mph instead of kph. You don't have to do that on this.
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 Subject: Re: Review: Acewell 2703

IMOhm resistor = 1 Mega Ohm resistor or 1 MegOhm. Go to an electronic shop that sells parts, they should be able to find you that Wink

The first 3 color bars on it should be brown, black and blue if I remember my electronic class correctly..

Do you have any update on this project ? I wanted to install the 3915 model on my 1990 ex500 I've streetfightered. Let me know if I can help you in any way Smile

Nice looking bike you got there. How does the lights compare to the stock ones ? Are they dimmer/brighter ? Bright enough to ride at night ?

I'd like more picts if that's possible Smile
Jorgen VonDoom
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 Subject: Re: Review: Acewell 2703

Small updates:

My speedo came loose while riding. I had my tools in my backpack and was able to tighten it up without loosing and bolts.

RPM sensor: No update. I tried contacting the company via phone AND email regarding the brightness of the display at night, and the rpm sensor. I didn't recieve a response to my voicemail or my emails. I guess they don't really care now that they've got the money.

Headlight: The running lights are plenty bright for daytime riding, as both the main light (the one on the right) and the brights (the one on the left) run, although the brights are dimmed. At nighttime, you NEED to use the brights or you can't see 20 feet in front of you, and even the brights aren't quite as bright as a car's normal headlights. It does work just fine, brighter still would be nice though.

I'm quite busy with work and whatnot, and my move to oregon in a few weeks. But once I get some time and a camera in my hands I'll take some more pictures.

Any other questions feel free to ask!
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 Subject: Re: Review: Acewell 2703

I've read over here that on a Ninja 500 you could take the RPM cable and plug it directly in. Does the original tach is electrically actuated ?,2279.0.html

Got the same username Wink

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