Post Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:36 pm
 Subject: That's actually a good report...

I can't help but envision your body had you not been using that gear. Leather is tougher than jeans or even bare skin. Glad you both fared well, rurugger (or should I call you Josh Herrin) LOL
Post Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:36 pm
 Subject: Re: I didn't know you were going for this trackday...

Yeah, that's my bad, I should've posted my plans here. It was all sort of last minute - I happened to see a cheap hitch for my Matrix on Craigslist, bought it (mainly to carry my gf's new to her bicycle), and then thought, "hmm, I wonder if I could do a track day..." Looked at the trackday schedules, the FAQ to figure out what I need to do to prep the bike, checked with U-Haul about trailers (and with BARF for shared rides - didn't work out), and it all kind of came together in about a week.

But now I want to do more, so I'll definitely let you know when and where I plan on going, and please do the same, I'll join ya.
For now though, I'm off to Nicaragua for two weeks, gotta go catch the plane Smile
Post Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:15 pm
 Subject: I didn't know you were going for this trackday...

I almost showed up to help Zoom Zoom out with something off track on Saturday too. I definitely would have come if I knew you were going. The Z2 crew is very good and, of the local trackday providers, have the best 250 riders. Lisa, the instructor you worked with, has been racing 250's for a long time with the AFM and is my main competition on the track. Mark, the other instructor, is last years 250 Production champion and very good himself.

I crashed in the same spot (Turn 3) the last time I was at Thunderhill, as did several others. The reason you crashed is the main reason that I try not to follow anyone very close, especially at trackdays.

I'm glad that you were able to get back out on track and enjoy the rest of the day. Did Lisa tell you lap times? Did you take any video? The pictures from Joe (4theRiders) look good, especially this one coming out of Turn 3.

Post Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:06 am
 Subject: Overall trackday impressions - Zoom Zoom at Thunderhill

Loved it! Despite 100+ degree temperatures and my minor crash.

The organizers (ZoomZoom) were top notch, everything was run very smoothly, the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

After spending some time in the classroom, the first session was following the instructor at a leisurely pace to get acquainted with the track, and for the rest of the day riders had the choice of going by themselves or asking an instructor to work with me. I did the second session all by myself - learned that most people in the novice group are actually slower than me despite being on bigger bikes, that I'm comfortable leaning the bike far enough to drag the knee on the ground, but that it doesn't actually mean I'm going fast, and that I have no idea how to pick lines through the corners. That's when I decided that I can learn far more sticking with the instructors the rest of the day rather than going solo.

Two of the instructors were on the 250s (both new gen), 2 riders had rented new gen 250s and 4 others, including myself brought their own. One of the instructors on the 250, Lisa, spent most of the day with me one on one, or two on one with another fellow on an old gen 250, and was extremely helpful, I felt like I improved steadily and was much more comfortable with my lines and with my speed in all of the turns.

One of the guys who brought his own 250 was also doing his first ever track day, and unfortunately crashed in the 2nd session (first real one after the intro to the track) and had to be taken to the hospital - apparently a couple cracked ribs and some bruises but fortunately nothing serious. By my amateur analysis he had poor body positioning and was dragging parts in almost every corner, and eventually dragged too much causing the crash. I also learned to watch for the corner flags, and memorized what they all mean after this.

My own crash is described in the previous post; one thing I did wrong in addition to crashing in the first place, was picking the bike up after I was done sliding, and riding it into the paddock myself. I learned that you're supposed to leave the bike where it is, walk away from the impact zone and wait to be picked up. Lesson learned.
A positive surprise that I was neither physically nor mentally affected by the crash and was able to continue as before once I got back on. I did take that turn 3 slower the first couple laps around.

There were a few cancellations for Sunday, so I had the option of staying for the second day, but I'm glad I didn't - I didn't realize Saturday night how tired I really was, but I slept for 11 hours and woke up with my legs being somewhat sore (wrists not so much, which I think is a good sign meaning I'm not holding on too tightly).

That's enough thoughts for the day. Summary: Thumb up for trackdays, Thumb up for ZoomZoom and huge Thumb up for Lisa.
Post Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:45 am
 Subject: Crash report

On the fourth session of my first ever track day, I found myself in the middle of a group of riders going into a turn, the person in front of me got on the brakes hard, I freaked out and grabbed too much front brake, lost the front and low-sided on the right side, going probably around 60mph into a right turn (#3 at Thunderhill).
Helmet never touched the ground, small scuff mark on the boot toe, palm of the glove, and most of the impact on the shoulder and hip.

The bike had virtually no damage other than twisted front (about 20 degrees), which Lisa, the Z2 instructor who was working with me most of the day, helped me straighten out, and the organizers were nice enough to let me back on the track once we checked over the rest of the bike.

Pics of the Spartan suit:
Butt and right hip:

Small scuffs on the calf:

The main damaged part - right shoulder. It seems that the white leather is quite thin and worn through quickly, but the second layer of thick black leather underneath it is pretty much untouched:

Right forearm. The Spartan logo appears to be the only place that isn't triple stitched, so the letters ripped off. No big deal obviously.

Right hip again. Same issue with the logo as on the forearm, but the actual suit has only minor scuff marks:

Small scuff marks on the calf. And I have to say, having done this for the first time, dragging knee pucks around is very fun Smile

Overall, the suit very much did its job - I felt literally no pain, and couldn't find any damage on my body until later that night when I saw a small bruise on the hip; I suppose that makes sense since the hip protection is just a small foam piece.
Post Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:57 pm
 Subject: I crashed my first time at the track. You're in good company.

Post Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:44 am
 Subject: No damage is good :thumbup:

Crashing at the track can often be 'better' than crashing on the street, but crashing still sucks. Hope the no damage applies to you as well.
Post Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:34 am
 Subject: First ever track day, first ever crash. Details to follow (no damage though)

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