Post Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:47 pm
 Subject: 08 ninja filled with gas instead of oil

Hello All,

I recently purchased an 08 ninja that wasn't running and with low miles. As I have been going through it getting it ready to run again I found that some idiot had filled the bike with gas instead of oil. I am trying to find out what problems this may have caused. Can I get away with adding oil and a new filter and try to start it?

Thank you!
Post Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2022 2:01 pm
 Subject: Carb float valves

The fuel siphons from the tank into the intake and cylinder before filling the crankcase.

That typically happens when the float valves in the carb fail to seat, but also requires the vacuum petcock to malfunction at the same time, unless someone set it on "Prime".

Most likely the carbs need to come off and be gone through. Note that on your model, the parts are not interchangeable side-to-side like previous gens. The petcock may need attention as well.

If you want professional carb work (don't go to a dealer!), www.customcarbservices.com is who you want to talk to. Reasonably priced, and they will look and function like new.

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