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Thu Jun 19, 2003 2:18 pm

The Benton Harbor riots are caused by the frustrations of the local society. Race is a factor, poverty is a factor, joblessness is a factor.,. When a large group of people are frustrated at the same time, anything can trigger an event like that.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in masses, so the bumper sticker goes.

The trigger in this case was the bikers death, "brought on" by the towns white police force "harrassing" the black population, percieved or real. Over the years, the people of that town got it into their head that the white police force had been intimidating and controlling the black populace. Again, real or perceived is no matter, it's what was believed in general.

when something like this happens, it acts as a catalyst to bring forth such events

As others have said, it made no difference that the man died, or that even this particular occurance took place. something like this would have happened shortly enough.

It's frustrations of a poor society manifesting in a rebellion--that happens all over the world.

I'm in total agreement, he should not have took off., it's clear t me, he tok off, not because he felt he would be harrassed, but because he knew he was doing wrong (weed, no license, speeding), and thought he could get away. He paid the price for his irresponsibility. I won't say the man deserved it, but what happened is certainly acceptable in my eyes.

also, the funniest part of the whoel story, yes FUNNIEST, is the picture of him that is circulating across the country., this is the best picture the family could provide to the news media. It's a photo of him posing for the camera...doing what now?? that's right., smoking weed. (as a blunt) CLASSIC!


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