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Mon Jul 28, 2003 3:35 pm
Tools and Tips.        

Allen wrenches - yes, I still use them. I've tried the other kind (both 1/4" socket and hex bits) and can't seem to prevent losing those.

No fuel filters on this bike. The fuel tank screens are in place, but I've had problems with reduced fuel flow when filters get clogged.

Hm, I wonder if I should carry a set of plugs? I've got a standard spark plug socket that I carry, the only time I've ever had to replace a spark plug, it was because the engine hadn't been started in a long time. This one doesn't suffer from that. It got new plugs when the new motor was installed in April, only 12,000 miles ago.

Hadn't thought about grease. Those other items are available at most convenience stores or truck stops. If I've got to do anything major I head for a truck stop first. Although I once replaced the front wheel bearings on my ZX6 next to a Lowe's hardware store. That was handy, I ended up buying a ball peen hammer. That hammer will probably be along for this trip, too.

Solo seat on the Rally bike, I can reach the lock directly. I use the zip tie trick on the commuter bike. Neither of my bikes uses a key for anything. Ignition is a toggle switch, fuel tank is a piece of lexan glued into the lock, helmet lock is ignored, seat is the zip tie (or not.) So I don't have any keys to lose - except for the car keys of course, and I'll probably leave those in Missoula.

Damn, I forgot about Duct tape and baling wire. I'll have to find a roll of each. As far as the post it note lens cover, I think I'll use the front page from a Michelin map this time. It's also about the right color and I've got lots of those.

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