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Tue Jul 29, 2003 7:05 pm
I have a system for the towel.        

I keep it clipped to the inside of my tail pack. When I get to a bonus, I flop the towel out after parking the bike directly in front of the bonus. That way the towel stays attached to the bike. In those few cases where I will have to put the towel someplaces else, I'll have to remember to clip it back in place before I leave. I hope the empty clips inside the trunk will be a reminder to do that.

Sent you an email about the checkpoints. They have asked that the times and locations of the checkpoints not be published on the 'net or on mailing lists. If anyone else wants to know about them send an email.

If you want to ride the IBR, make a 5 year plan. Since the rally is done every other year, you'll finish a year early if you are stunningly successful or a year late (maybe.) Read the Iron Butt Website, look at what some of the people who have gotten into the rally have done and execute a plan that is at least that impressive.

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