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Wed Aug 06, 2003 12:56 pm
Re: Goose Bay?        

Bonuses aren't announced until the day of each checkpoint. However, Kneebone
and crew are known to drop lots of hints. Like two years ago saying that you'd
probably need a bike capable of gravel roads.

Then the first checkpoint, they announced Alaska, with the provisio that the
second leg would contain equally remote bonuses. Well, there isn't too much more
remote than Deadhorse, so more than a few people waited until the second c/p to
head there. I think two or three finished.

One of the guys I know busted his rear shock coming back down. Denali NP to
Alabama, 3/4 of that with a hardtail. Ouch.

It's a gruelling mindfuck. And then there's the backtracking. People hate backtracking.

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