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Sun Aug 10, 2003 3:59 pm
Re: IBR Update: Heard From Leon & Commentary        

"In the past event (2001), they waited until the second checkpoint to throw in a 1 million point wildcard bonus. Basically unreachable. One rider made it."

Yeah. It was commented by a long-time Iron Butt rider that the bonuses that let you skip checkpoints like that were sort of contrary to the old spirit of the IBR. I agreed, to some degree -- after all, one of the great parts of the rally is that you get to run back into everyone for two hours at the checkpoints. The checkpoints also serve as a good way to keep track of all the riders. If someone doesn't show up and doesn't call in, you've only got 1/4 of the country to search. If someone leaves the start for BFE-2 by way of BFE-2 and doesn't show up at the finish and doesn't call in, there's almost nothing to go on.

But we'll see. I don't really think Mike Kneebone and Lisa Landry should be trying to "top" the prior event in terms of how silly the big bonus locations are. If they can run a smooth event that everyone enjoys, that's competitive, and in which no one gets hurt, then they'll have a huge success.

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