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Sun Aug 10, 2003 4:06 pm
Message to relay...        

"If it continues his options are to buy another laptop or plug bonus locations into the GPS manualy to get mileage numbers."

Tell him Andrew said, "or use an honest-to-God paper map, pen, and calculator for a change." When I ran the IBR, I didn't even have a GPS! I was lucky to have a tripmeter and a sundial, but dammit, I finished just fine!"

Bonuses will be given out tonight, before the morning of the rally. Just to give everyone the opportunity of over-planning the least important leg instead of getting (or trying to get) enough sleep. Monday morning they'll probably be given a handful of peculiar, large bonus locations, just to screw with their plans.

By the way, be careful broadcasting specifics about any bonus locations. If 2003 is anything like 2001, they're sitll a bit spooked by the 1999 rally, when a crowd showed up to cheer riders on a Dollyland, and a minor fracas came about between one rider and a rentacop as a result. (In other words, it's likely they'll tell the riders it's fine to get remote help planning their routes, but they'll also say to keep the bonus locations under wraps.)

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