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Tue Aug 12, 2003 12:38 am
Dumped the 600 on gravel...        

Err, I think you're thinking of the Minnesota 2000 rally a while back, during which Leon had a bad time getting the 600 up to bum-fuggle Manitoba. Gillam, I think. Hundreds of miles past any remotely sane human beings.

But I hear the road to Happy Valley-Goose Bay is pretty bad, too. At least it won't be washed out this time of year. Oh, and they're working on paving it. I'd be very surprised if the gravel portion is still 500 miles long. From most recent accounts I've read, if the weather holds, it's a really easy ride, all things considered. But I'd hate to go there and not hop the 36-hour ferry to Newfoundland.

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