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Tue Aug 12, 2003 12:45 am
First few rider numbers        

Yeah, that was one of the fun parts of the starting banquet: listening to Mike Kneebone go down the list of riders. The first few numbers are reserved for folks he wants to make note of. Past winners like Bob Hall, for sure, but also folks he likes for one reason or another. Dick Fish hasn't won an Iron Butt, but he's a damn fine LD rider, and not a bad guy to boot. (Hey, he's Canadian, after all.) Likewise Haroooold Brooks, though he's not Canadian.

Mike has a real soft spot for the Hopeless class, even after restricting the class to bikes that can go uphill at 65 mph or thereabouts.

I was surprised to read elsewhere that Leaonard Aron is riding a borrowed ST1100 this year. He finished on the '40's Indian, so he said he was going to give it a go on his '30's Indian... Must not have been able to get it sufficiently ready for the rally. (Or maybe it failed the performance requirements. Dunno.)

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