Tue Aug 12, 2003 10:34 am
Re: Dumped the 600 on gravel...        

> I think you're thinking of the Minnesota 2000 rally a while back

Nope, he dumped on his way back from GBHV last summer. Made a new turn signal lense out of a post-it note and some tape, but didn't notice his dust-stuck brake piston 'till he'd warped his rotor. So he rode about 500 miles to my place, had some lasagna and shut-eye, bought me breakfast at Morrison's Restaurant, then rode all the way home from here without his front brakes. Well, he could've used 'em in an emergency, but he would have had to stop and un-stick the caliper after using them.

> But I hear the road to Happy Valley-Goose Bay is pretty bad, too. At least it
> won't be washed out this time of year.

The real problem is in the winter, when it's *snowed* out. LOL. They don't plow it, so in the winter time, you're pretty much stuck taking that long-assed ferry or flying in. Surprisingly enough, though, JetsGo!, a cheap carrier, is now flying into Goose. Saved me $400 this flight (Shelly's eldest daughter visits her dad there regularly).

> I'd be very surprised if the gravel portion is still 500 miles long

Hmm, I didn't know they were paving it. If they ever do, I'll have to ride it before I die. I rode a gravel road from Tamworth to Arden once -- 40 miles? -- and didn't like that at all, although I kept a steady 30-50 mph and didn't even come close to dumping. The gravel was these big, round stones that the Ninja would sink about an inch into, up hill, down hill, and twisty twisty twisty (I rode it because the map said it was very twisty... and paved...). And in spots, it had hard dirt with grading marks that caused the front suspension to pack up (harmonic oscillation?).


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