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Tue Aug 12, 2003 2:44 pm
Re: Scenery and Polaroid        

Oh yeah, then he's heading for about a 6-7 mile dirt road that's is pretty good condition to see the charcoal kilns. Swiss designed and built by Chinese labor in the late 1800s, they were loaded with 40 cords of wood which was lit on on fire and then they sealed the door. This made charcoal used to smelt silver and lead from the ore of mines in the area. I hope Leon goes inside one and makes some noise. The acoustics are unlike anything else I've heard. Dantes View gives one the impression of being on another planet. When I was last there, the valley floor had quite a bit of water on it and I think it rather looked like Jupiter. You can see a tree through the "window" in one of the kilns, so they didn't burn every tree in the area for charcoal. It seem like most of the mining operations in Death Valley were short lived, but like the miners who were lucky enough to work at the higher elevations, Leon will enjoy the cooler temperatures until reality sets in and its off to the valley floor. Zabriske Point is passed on the way to Dantes View and like I posted earlier is well worth the couple minutes it would take to see it.

And Andrew, the view of 395 is very much a 3000-4000 ft elevation desert type landscape, surrounded by mountaians on both sides, but north of Bishop, 395 climbs to beautifully forrested elevations of 7000-8000 ft passes.


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