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Tue Aug 12, 2003 11:02 pm
All part of the challenge, yup.        

In my case, I took heaps and plenty of time getting my rally schtuff ready before facing a scorer. I usually arrived mid-to-late checkpoint window (never early), got marked as present, and put everything together. I wrote up my fuel logs at the checkpoints, so during the riding part all I had to do was write mileage on them and get moving again.

Never left anything on the bike, never failed to claim a bonus I meant to claim. I did ride right past a 4 point bonus in California late at night, but that was because I had changed my route shortly before leaving Checkpoint 1, so I didn't realize it was on my way. No big deal, but you see how things get missed in the blur of activity. All that time on a plan, then a California friend says "if I were riding, I'd head up 395, it moves along real good."

There was one bonus I had wanted to claim, but my gas receipt said "South Burlington" and not "Burlington," so I didn't get the points. I sort of held up the receipt limply and said, "I probably can't get points for this, but..." And lo, the scorer shook his head, "no."

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