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Wed Aug 13, 2003 5:43 am
Re: IBR: Checkpoint 1; He's in.        

>He reports the difficulty in the Bristlecone Pine Forrest was due to the road condition. Apparently the 88 miles up and back off 395 took him 3 hours to complete. The last 13 miles are dirt and he could only manage about 20 mph.<

Those Iron Butt guys love to send the riders out on a lot of dirt roads, don't they? The high elevation where he was doesn't help the little 250 in the horsepower/speed department and that Bristlecone road is high.

>The paved part of the road is extremely twisty, he said every bit as much as Deal's Gap but rougher.<

I'm happy to hear that it compares favorably with the Gap. One thing you won't see on that crazy road are many cops, or much of any other segments of humanity, for that matter. It only gets down to 1 lane at Westgard pass. By 1 lane, I mean 1 lane for both directions of traffic. It's nice to share. Wink How did Leon get to Nevada? Did he continue on Hwy 168 and then Hwy 266 to 95? I could have given him concise directions if that's the case. Turn right at the huge cow behind the fence (Hwy 266) and then another right at the Cottontail Ranch, a legal brothel (Hwy 95) 8)

>So he had to skip the Charcoal Kilns in Death Valley, for which he would have gotten extra bonus points as part of a 4-bonus package (extra points for all 4). He got the other 3.<

3 out of 4 ain't bad, but come on back and see Death Valley when you're not in such a hurry.

>The bike's doing great despite running wide-open for most of today. He was pushing it extremely hard, throttle locked down and shifting gears to maintain speed. It's down to the lower 1/3 on the oil window after 1650 miles in 36 hours. Fuel mileage was around 45MPG for the last 2 tanks of gas (20 gallons).<

Elevation and steep grades have me getting about the same mileage in those areas, on my 250. If I get 50mpg, I do a backflip. Hopefully the headwinds will leave him alone for the most part. The 250 doesn't care much for the "Triple threat." Elevation, uphill and headwind.

Keep flogging that 250, Leon!

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