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Wed Aug 13, 2003 11:30 pm
IBR: Latest on the confusion        

First of all I have not heard from Leon today. Assumption is that he's somewhere near Independance Pass, CO heading for Mt. Evans at first light in the morning. If I hear from him tonight, I'll leave another post.

For those of you (like me) trying to figure out the confusion of the multiple routes given out last night, here's a cross-post from the BMWMOA.org site. It's discussing BMW rider Rob Nye. FYI - Rob crashed near Moab today when he slid on some oil spilled on the road. At last report he's got some case damage, but got it fixed fixed with a TIG welder at a local 4-wheeler shop.

(If this cross post is a no-no, somebody let me know. I don't have a good way to link to this spot on their msg board...) FYI - Leons on the Blue pill and had the same comments as below...

EDIT: comments from Rob about his crash here; http://www.bmwmoa.org/forum/showthread.php?s=b8b03d4c79cbb1bc7276d35b7fe818d3&postid=6485#post6485

Today's Rob Report:

OK. Got off the phone with Rob a bit ago. The rally has split into folks that took the blue pill and folks that took the red pill. I believe, if I can keep this straight, Rob took the blue pill along with about 90% of the participants. Those folks are off to Lakeland. The red pill people are doing something closer to an automotive time/speed/distance rally, the first portion of which involves riding to Lake Isabella, then to some Hot Springs in CA and then back to Lake Isabella, where they pick up more directions. Apparently, Kneebone told the heavies, the ringers and the heavily favored that if they wanted to win, they needed to take the red pill. Rob took the blue, hoping for a good finish, but not a win. The folks that took the blue pill are calling themselves the "Special Olympics." The riders are not happy. Not at all. Also, the red pill seems to involve lots of dirt roads. After Rob's experiences with the CVN-K11LT on Powerline road, he's glad he took the blue pill, but still somewhat distraught that he's pretty much riding for a good finish instead of contention for a win. Que Sera, Sera. Maybe I should email Rob a Doris Day MP3....

Rob and I talked about the logistics of doing a TSD event on a motorcycle versus a car. Typically, in a car, you have a navigator that runs the clocks and the TSD computer to tell the driver what to do, how fast to drive and when to turn. I daresay that this could be a problem on a motorcycle, even if you're an overachieving red head with two GPS units (slathered in bird guts) hooked to a milspec tablet PC. Additionally, TSD rallies are typically built around traveling exactly at the speed limit or very close to it.

I don't know about you guys, but neither Rob nor I saw that as part of an effective Nye riding solution.

While we were on the phone, Rob asked me to find out what time the sun comes up on top of Mt. Evans, CO, which has the highest paved road in North America. Apparently, he needs to be there during daylight hours, which are probably different that what they are 15K feet lower. I think his intention is to ride up there in the dark, get his picture taken at dawn and then beat feet out of there.

More later.

Dave Swider
Marin County, CA
Sled Dog Touring Team
Yankee Beemers

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