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Thu Aug 14, 2003 11:51 am
Mr. Kneebone thinks he's Morpheus in "The Matrix"        

One route ("pill") will change your life irreversably, take the other and you will wake up in the morning as if nothing had happened. I respect the guy for being the lead organiser of this rally but I don't know him. I still rather doubt he can pull off cool as well as Lawrence Fishburne.
This whole thing still seems as bad as the '01 Alaska bonus to me. I had rather thought that the real spirit of the thing meant that even someone running in the "Hopeless" class had an off chance of placing well, even winning.
They've disallowed sponsor stickers on the bikes entirely and yet they are arranging things to separate the "real contenders" from the "also rans".
As always, Thanks Duke for the updates on this board. Will you be taking a laptop with you to Florida to continue doing so?

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