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Fri Aug 15, 2003 10:10 pm
Re: IBR Update: Mamou, LA        

Funny that I was mentioned as having spoken with Leon, he actually hadn't called. So I called him to make sure he knew he could.
He called me right back as soon as he noticed the missed call, says he'll call again next leg, or when he needs it.
Somethng he does want at this point is info on Ken Morton (the fellow on the GL500 who had trouble on day 1, but is apparently still going) or Keith Keating(On the 750cc watercooed two-stroke "waterbuffalo")
I've done some google searching and posted a request for info on the MTF board, but if anyone is either following one or both of these guys(or knows someone who does) the question of the day is "How is it going for them?"

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