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Sat Aug 16, 2003 3:14 pm
IBR Update: Leg 2 plan and bonuses        

Leon Called at 11:00 Pacific Time. He's closing in on Tiffton, GA riding smooth and fast on I-75 and expecting to make a gas stop at exit 80.
He's been running at a steady 83 MPH last night and today, expects to put in about 9 1/2 gal. and his odo shows 446 miles. This will put him at roughly 50 MPG. (IMO-this must be one of the highest any IBR rider has ever experienced)

I will apologise now if any of my info is fractured or off by some, I seem to have a little trouble understanding everything he has to say while talking on his cel phone at speed, it cuts in and out a little. He also has a lot of info to relate and dummy me can't seem to write fast enough to get it all down and I try to not ask him to do a lot of repeating.

He sounds good still and is having fun. This is a good leg for which he has the highest confidence level. He knows just about every road on his route from memory, it's home territory
Says he beat Scott Davis, a friend he rides with, in points so he might still be holding on to a pretty good position. This leg might change that a bit downward, since he and Duke had a look at the bonuses and decided to make it a fairly conservative trip into Maine which will allow him to get there early and get 4-5 hrs. of rest. Once he gets north of NY and into ME, he will be back into more unknown territory.
Okay, here's where I start getting more sketchy, anyone familiar with the area, please help out and correct any location errors I might be making-
His anticipation of 9/11 related bonuses didn't pan out, the route will be actually going through or near the Deal's Gap area. The majority of the bonuses are on the Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive(?) at pretty much 50 mile intervals. It's a 600 mile stretch of twisty road with a speed limit (or avg. of) 45 MPH. The kicker to this is the fact that they go up in value as you go north, so his strategy is to not start out on this near Cherokee, GA but instead to continue on I-75 into TN and catch the bonuses on the northern half. Somewhere along the line, his son will be bringing his other Aerostitch to him.
Something he noticed while talking was that there is a red bar end on his right now, must have been done by Duke this morning.
Go Leon!

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