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Sun Aug 17, 2003 3:45 pm
News FOR Leon, and his mention in the Higdon reports        

Haven't heard from Leon since yesterday, and of course I forgot to ask him if he had seen Ken Morton at the Florida checkpoint. So the next person that hears from him or Duke, please relay this message I got from a memeber of the MTF board:

>I talked with Ken Morton at the Lake City Checkpoint on Saturday. He was about 30 minutes late to the check point, but made it >before the cutoff. He seemed to be doing well, just had the oil and spark plugs changed on the silver wing. He was headed off to >get some sleep before hitting the rode.

>I didn't get to meet the rider, but saw a 750 waterbuffalo in the parking lot that looked like it was in the rally.


For those who haven't yet read the Higdon report on the IBA website, Leon got his mention in the report:
>Virginia's Leon Begeman, 24th overall, apparently is insulted that his 250cc Kawasaki Ninja, the smallest machine in the rally, is >assigned to the Hopeless Class. As usual, he is running like a man possessed. Tonight he stands 42 places ahead of Paul Meredith's >750cc Suzuki water buffalo. Sure, Meredith's two-stroke bike is ancient and struggles to get even 20 mpg, so maybe that's not a fair >fight. But Begeman takes on motors with five times his displacement --- BMW K1200LTs and 1,800cc Gold Wings --- and chews them >to pieces as well. If you put him on an armadillo, he might lose a few places, but he'd still be scratching his way down the road.

WOW. 22 of the red pill riders went to the Florida checkpoint and have their standings counted, unless my logic is incorrect that means Leon is up to *2nd* place among those who took the blue pill!!! =0
Again, Leon said he decided on a conservative route on the present leg in order to maximize his rest time at the Maine checkpoint and expects to drop in the standings. No matter where he finishes, I know he is going to get lots of cheers here!

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