Sun Aug 17, 2003 10:52 pm
Update: Heading North through Virginia        

Just got a quick update from Duke, who is in Georgia now and heading for home (Near Nashville, TN).

Leon's heading North, but doesn't know he's in 24th place; they only read out the top ten in the riders' meeting. The zipper in the 'stich which is damaged is on his leg, and he was complaining that he was quite cold riding through Colorado earlier. Leon was in Virginia earlier when Duke spoke with him last (around 4:00pm), on Skyline Drive which is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. He's planning on heading cutting over on I-95(?) to swing by his place to grab the spare 'stich; Leon lives in Dale City, VA which is near Washington DC. Hopefully Leon grabs a sweater as he's heading north, too, it's quite chilly up in this part of the world right now -- I actually had to use my choke when I went to pick up Shelly from work at 21:45 today.

I read the paragraph about Leon out of Bob Hidgon's Day 5 report to Duke, he seemed quite amused. He was also impressed (as I am) that Leon is in 24th place.

Go Leon!!


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