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Mon Aug 18, 2003 2:30 pm
Re: IBR Progress Update        

Well, I stand slightly corrected to my last post--looks like Leon made it to Maine. Somebody over in Reeky posted some photos from the Maine checkpoint and I caught a glimpse of Leon's bike in there...

Look in the upper left corner of Img_0825.jpg--you'll see the semi-distinctive Rubbermaid top box on the bike in the background.

Just a few more days and the littlest Ninja will be back in Missoula. Ah, brings a tear to me eye.

Just read Bob Higdon's update on the IBR--no mention of Leon. This is good and bad. It's good because it means that he's still planning on making Maine. It's bad because we don't know if he's actually going to make Maine. Still, he's not mentioned in the Hopeless Class update from Higdon, so that's good news, too.

Interesting that somebody was actually stupi^H^H^H^H^H^H er, I mean, brave enough to take the trip up to Goose Bay in Newfoundland and at least a few others to Bella Coola out in BC. Brass cajones the size of bowling balls, those guys. Then again, I'm crazy enough to want to try something like that, too... but I sure as hell wouldn't make a weekend trip out of it.

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